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NSWOCs interested in writing the WOCN certification exam in the United States

While the final exam for the WOC-EP remains the CNA certification exam, nurses who have graduated from the WOC Institute’s WOC-EP (NSWOC Program) are eligible to sit the Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses Certification exam in the United States. This does not replace the requirement to write the CNA certification exam.

Visit to learn more about certification in the United States.

When applying to write the exam Canadian graduates should use their NSWOC graduation documentation along with their Registered Nurse licence and proof of bachelor’s degree.

Within the exam application, nurses should choose the education program listing and the code #200 for “International WCET program/Traditional”. This is considered it an equivalent to the WOC education programs.

Below is a link to our exam handbook with eligibility information, as well as a link to the list of test site locations.

There is also a remote option for testing at home through a live proctor, as a scheduling option.

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