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CNA Certification Prep Course

Learn more about the NSWOCC CNA certification exam study group today by contacting

CNA Prep CourseCNA Exam Prep Course.jpg

The course includes:

  • Review of NSWOC core competencies

  • Review of relevant wound, ostomy and continence curriculum

  • Example study schedule and study guide

  • Sample exam questions linked to core competencies

  • Dedicated study group on TEAMs for exam prep support administered by an experienced and certified NSWOC

  • Contact with others preparing to write the NSWOC CNA certification exam to form support and study groups

To access the course...

Step 1: Log into your NSWOCC Membership account

Step 2: Click on "View available downloads" in the left-hand sidebar
Step 3: Select "NSWOCC CNA Certification Prep Course"

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