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Smith and Nephew Clinical Achievement Award in Wound Care

The Smith+Nephew Clinical Achievement Award in Wound Care by WOC-EP Students provides two $1,000 annual awards (to one French student and one English student) to students who display excellence in clinical practice.

Total awards | Combien de prix
Deadline to apply | Date limite
No application necessary.
Prize (per award) | Prix
Objectives | Objectifs
Qualifications | Critères
  • The recipient of this award must be a member of NSWOCC in good standing.

  • The recipient must be a resident of New Brunswick.

How to Apply

Application not required.

2024 Recipient(s)

Annie Vachon / Joanna Weeks

2022 Recipient(s)

2021 Recipient(s)

Adbi Filsan (French) and Julie Puterman (English)
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