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Hollister Award for Post-Graduate Studies

Supported by Hollister Limited, this award is open to an NSWOC who is an active NSWOCC member pursuing a Master’s, or PhD degree.

Total awards | Combien de prix
Deadline to apply | Date limite
April 15, 2024
Prize (per award) | Prix
Objectives | Objectifs

To recognize an NSWOC pursuing a Master’s, or PhD degree. 

Qualifications | Critères

This academic award winner is selected using specific criteria such as: 

  1. Academic marks

  2. Number of years as an NSWOCC member

  3. Involvement with NSWOCC (Board/Executive, Committees, WOC Institute)

  4. Involvement in the planning of a NSWOCC National Conference or educational initiatives

  5. Participation on Core Program initiatives such as best practice recommendations and or position statements

These criteria are weighted and the NSWOC applicant with the highest score receives the award.

How to Apply

NSWOCC/WOC Institute Application PDF

2024 Recipient(s)

Sherri McPhee

2022 Recipient(s)

Carly Lindsay

2021 Recipient(s)

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