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Skin Wellness Associate Nurse (SWAN™) Program

For practical nurses and diploma RNs who aspire to become respected nurse leaders and integral members of their organization’s wound, ostomy, and continence leadership team, the CNA-accredited Skin Wellness Associate Nurse (SWAN™) Program is the only program in Canada that offers: competency and evidence-informed advanced knowledge in wound, ostomy and continence management; confidence to transfer that knowledge into practice; recognition and respect for your competencies through the nationally recognized SWAN™ designation; and continuous learning and lifelong support through mentorship and collaboration in a SWAN™-Nurse Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence (NSWOC) team.

SWAN™s are uniquely recognized for their advanced knowledge and their contributions as wound, ostomy and continence nurse champions in their workplaces and communities across Canada.

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Skin Wellness Associate Nurse (SWAN™) Job Description
Skin Wellness Associate Nurse (SWAN™) Brochure
SWAN™ Program Application
SWAN™ Program Outline
Many organizations have forced nurses into a position where they are task-oriented. The SWAN’s vision is that we want students to be thinking about the “why” and “how”. To get people to switch their thinking and actively think about what your rationale is for making a nursing-related decision.

Vida Johnston, BScN, RN, NSWOC, WOCC(C)

SWAN Lead Academic Advisor

Translate Theory into Practice

After Sharon Hunter graduated from the CNA-accredited Skin Wellness Associate Nurse (SWAN™) program, she felt much more confident in promoting herself as an expert and resource within the field of wound care. 

SWAN™ program graduates gain evidence-informed, advanced knowledge in the tri-specialty areas of wound, ostomy, and continence that they can confidently translate into practice. Not only can this confidence help registered nurses and diploma RNs like Shanon advocate for their own skills as professionals, but advocate for patients’ needs too. 

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